The Casali di Penna, ancient and unique country resi-dences, where old architectural and environmental fea-tures are kept intact, in a naturalistic, genuine and pris-tine setting. Surrounded by relevant historical and artisti-cally wonderful places such as Narni, Orvieto, Spoleto, Amelia and Lugnano, and not far from Rome. A real oasis surrounded by a thick oak wood and a stream which protect and isolate it; by the majestic Tiber valley onto which the swimming pool overlooks; well-kept gardens rich of arbutuses, box trees, pomegranates and wisteri-as, making a constant perfumed cool breeze.

Hospitality location

To make our property unique and rare, where you will find a relaxing atmosphere, but also a nice, romantic and above all confidential and intimate place, we have decided to rent it only to people akin (families, friends, language course groups, cooking classes, yoga, medita-tion, reading, theatre, horse-riding courses etc) and we will not interfere in any way with our presence during your holidays. We are positive, here, you will find every-thing for a true physical and spiritual regeneration, cud-dled by the beauty of the place.


Events location

Spesso si sogna il luogo ideale dove suggellare i momenti importanti della nostra vita. I Piantoni sono il luogo adatto per chi desidera vivere i momenti che contano con eleganza e sobrietà lontano dai luoghi...comuni! Il magico equilibrio fra natura e tradizione, natura e comodità, natura ed eleganza, rappresenta la formula sulla quale basiamo l'organizzazione di matrimoni, compleanni, feste, meeting...